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Re: This will make you laugh!!

you guys are gonna think i am a total dingbat, we have five cats and very few mice but once in the last fourteen years we have lived in this house my cats caught one, our cat had it in it's mouth by the tail, the poor thing was hanging there and the other four were drooling, i felt so sorry for it i snatched it and then didn't have a clue what to do, i knew if i put it outside it would probably come right back in and might not be so lucky the next time, so i found an old clean plastic waste basket that was really deep and he couldn't climb out and put him in it, i shut him in the broom closet and went back to bed, this was three in the morning, my five cats sat there all night staring at that door, the next day i shut the five cats in a bedroom, took out the trash can, fed the little guy some bread crumbs and my daughter and i took him for a ride about a mile from here to a farm and let him out, to this day my family picks on me about giving a mouse a last meal and a new home....guess i am an abnormal woman, as my mother and sister and aunt's will all screech and leave the area....i even carry spiders out of the house on a sheet of paper and let them loose.  the only thing i can kill without remorse is mosquitos and flies....


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