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Re: Courtesy Titles: Important or Overblown?

P.S. I prefer to be called by first name regardless of the situation but some of my friends want their kids to call me Miss and my first name so I let them because I don't interfere with how someone trains their kids.

Oh and I was born in the 70's it not only depends on the generation it depends on where they grew up and if the family is military or not. Southern and midwestern families are far more formal with titles than the average northeastern or pacific northwest. Military families are also more formal than non military ones and usually demand no sir, yes maam, which could be why my parents are so lenient. My mother is an army brat and my father was raised by a cop and they got just plain tired of authority and titles and didn't make us do it, outside of an elderly person.

I also think tone is very important. If your tone is rude it defeats the purpose of respectful titles.



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