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Re: Courtesy Titles: Important or Overblown?

All my students call me Mrs. Cronin as well as the way to refer to all the other teachers in the school.  My own children call their teachers by Mr/Mrs.  I have been in schools where they do Ms. (insert first name here) and really don't care which one is use.  I find it funny when students will ask what my 'real' name is meaning my first name.  Some think it's cute to call me Bonnie but I gently remind them to use Mrs. Cronin. 

Several years ago, I worked with preschool age students in the elementary school setting and the norm for some reason is to have them call you Ms. first name.  So I had preschoolers refer to me as Ms. Bonnie and all other grades call me Mrs. Cronin.  I stopped this when it became ovious that it was too confusing for little minds to understand the difference; I had a kindergarderner point to me and tell his mom "that's the teacher who changes her name!"  I asked him what he meant by that and he pointed out that last year he called me Ms. Bonnie and now he has to call me Mrs. Cronin.



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