Amana Colonies Anyone?

Sometimes I'm asked by people about the "Amana Colonies" in Iowa and how they are connected to the Amish.  The short answer: they're not.  From what little I know, the Amana Colonies were a communal society that had/has its roots in the Pietist movement.  The Amish-Mennonite-Hutterite religions have their roots in Anabaptism (adult baptismal).  Both movements were reactions against the reformation when Martin Luther split from Catholicism, but the pietist movement - while sharing similarites to the Anabaptists - was decidedly different.   Anyway, back to the Amana Colonies: The Amana Corp. recently hired a new CEO to oversee their the vast economic empire.  The Amana Colonies were a pietist, communal society up until the 1930s, but my understanding is that they then formed the Amana Corporation to oversee the colony's holidings and diversify economically.  The CEO oversees it just like a regular company.  Today, the Amana Colonies comprise a diverse economic base and are much different from their original agrarian, communal roots.  Have any of our readers been to the Amana Colonies?  What is it like?  Are there actually people still living communally there or is it pretty much all tourism/re-creation?

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