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Pepsi Chicken, anyone?

Today our Hy-Vee store is having a big "24-hour Stock-up Sale".  Among other things, split chicken breasts are .78/lb today.  At 8'oclock this morning, I picked up the last two packages.  As I waited for the butcher to bring some more out, I got to talking to another young mom also waiting for the chicken.  She said their favorite recipe was to make "Pepsi chicken."  I asked her if this was like beer-can chicken (which is a favorite in this house), because I know you can also make it with cola.  She said no... you mix together 20 oz. of Pepsi and 1 cup of ketchup, then simmer a package of bone-in chicken in it (3-4 lbs) until it is done. 

So... I have approx 22 lbs of chicken in the fridge and a recipe to try tonight.  (The rest of the chicken will be frozen to make chicken and noodles or chicken and rice later on).  I will let you all know how it turns out!

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