Yeah! We Used the Clothesline!

Saturday and Sunday we really nice around here, we figured out how to fasten the green plastic coated metal line and we are able to hang the laundry, thank you to everyone for your help. 

I have a couple of photos up on my blog if you would like a visual!

Clothesline Suggestions

I am ready to string the clothesline but I'm not sure about using what I've bee using for a number of years.  I've used, 3/16" clotheline rope, usually cotton, some I found this year is polyester - I returned it, as it only has a 22lb. work load, wet clothes on four lines can certainly weigh more.  I was think about going to a rope with a higher work load rating or I was wondering about that plastic coated cable stuff.  I would be interested to hear what you all who are "allowed" (as we've discussed some of you aren'tFrown) to use a clothesline. 


Thanks for the input,



I am currently reading an awesome book about laundry. I am reading a copy from the library, but I am going to purchase this book it is so great. It is like a cookbook for laundry! It is called, "LAUNDRY, the home comforts book of caring for clothes & linens" by Cheryl Mendelson. It is packed with information you need to know about caring for all textiles, gives definitions of laundry products, textile and sewing terms, most of all gives detailed instructions for laundering situations.  I have another book by the same author called "Home Comforts, the art & science of keeping house" that I haven't even looked at yet, but I am sure will be equally great. It is a modern day laundry bible!

I have to admit to being obsessed with laundry, a family of seven produces tons of it daily! I have been disappointed in the results of our laundered clothes, we traditionally have just sorted according to color, keeping the light towels, dark towels and whites separate, but basically washing all loads the same.  The results were quickly cleaned items, but not super clean, which was desired. This book has changed that. I am washing a whole new way, the "right way", which makes my husband laugh, because he always says, that means my way. Now I have proof that there is a right way and a wrong way! It does take me longer and less loads are done in a day, but the clothes and linens are much cleaner, and I hope that they wear better and longer, that is the goal.

Happy laundering, Kimberly

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