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Mennonite Forgiveness; Mennonites in Belize

This is an interesting piece that ran in the Spokane Spokesman-Review about a Mennonite family forgiving a driver that caused a fatal wreck.  We've seen this type of story repeatedly among the Amish and the Mennonites and their capacity to forgive is inspirational.  Each person has to deal with grief in their own way and perhaps this is one way.  This article also gives interesting insight into the "plain community" in Oregon.  A photo of the plain Mennonites meeting with the driver also ran on the S-R website.  Since it appears the family knew they were being photographed, I'll share the link to the photo also.

Mennonites are celebrating their 50th anniversary in Belize this year.  The community has really thrived from its early days and, like any church, the group has split and spread.  Some remain "plain" while other Mennonites have liberalized in Belize.  Still, either way, they have made great contributions to this tiny Central American nation.  Click here to read a very interesting article about the Mennonite migration from Canada to Mexico (where many remain) and finally to Belize.



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