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Pepsi Chicken, anyone?

Today our Hy-Vee store is having a big "24-hour Stock-up Sale".  Among other things, split chicken breasts are .78/lb today.  At 8'oclock this morning, I picked up the last two packages.  As I waited for the butcher to bring some more out, I got to talking to another young mom also waiting for the chicken.  She said their favorite recipe was to make "Pepsi chicken."  I asked her if this was like beer-can chicken (which is a favorite in this house), because I know you can also make it with cola.  She said no... you mix together 20 oz. of Pepsi and 1 cup of ketchup, then simmer a package of bone-in chicken in it (3-4 lbs) until it is done. 

So... I have approx 22 lbs of chicken in the fridge and a recipe to try tonight.  (The rest of the chicken will be frozen to make chicken and noodles or chicken and rice later on).  I will let you all know how it turns out!

"Can" Chicken Recipe

Hello all!

 Well, this past weekend I got one of those little tri-pod things they make to sit your can and chicken on to make "Beer Can Chicken" on the grill, so I thought I would give it a try tonight.  It was FANTASTIC!  The chicken skin was so brown and crispy and yummy, and the chicken literally fell off the bones it was so juicy and delicous!  I had to share it with you all!

I will link to the Food network website, where I used the recipe of Steve Raichlen, who literally wrote the "Barbeque Bible".  The rub is really easy to make and makes quite a bit, so you can store it in your frig for the next time you make this... because I guarantee you will make it again!  I did not make the Cola sauce though, just the chicken.  And I didn't use the wood chips either.  I have a gas grill, so I got it fired up to about 350, then turned the center burner off and turned the front/back burners on low.  If you do it this way, center the chicken over the center burner, that way it is cooked indirectly and doesn't burn.  It took about 2hours until done.

 *Note:  Do NOT try to make this in your oven.  I tried once and it was a smokey MESS.  Also, if you don't want to use beer, it says you can use soda instead.  Or, I would say you could just fill an empty soda can half full of chicken broth and the seasonings.  I did use the beer, and it didn't make the chicken taste like beer at all.,,FOOD_9936_29741,00.html

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