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Benefits of Fresh Raw Milk

Raw Milk

Just visited a small farm here in NW indiana and purchased my first gallon of fresh raw milk. Along with other items he sells in his small store located on his dairy farm are amish cheese and noodles along with eggs brown and white .. all from the   middlebury Amish  Mr. Sanderson said. We also brought home pumpkins and gourds . I admit I was scared to try the raw milk but after tasting this delicious milk I may never go back to store bought.  Mr. Sanderson said as long as we shake the gallon before opening it stays fresh as long as the other pasturized brands purchased from super markets , seems a small amount of cream may float to the opening that needs to be shook down. This purchase created a health interest curiosity if perhaps raw milk is safe or dangerous  to drink over a long period of time, so I googled up Raw Milk and low and behold .. If all the scientific evidence is true it may be healthier then pasturized verzion and have cancer fighting enzymes that get boiled away during the pasturizing process.  The benefits are far too great for me to write briefly in this blog all I can say is google up Raw milk and decide for yourself. Raw milk is illegal to be sold according to state health laws  but can be purchased directly from the farmers and by cow share programs where you pay the farmer to milk your share or part of a cow, this program is growing fast and maybe a new healthy trend as  consumers are looking for healthier food and organic choices.

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