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Amish Indiana

There's a article  in the New York Times online from it's American Journeys section about the Amish in northeastern Indiana.

Not a bad read and does give some insight into the troubles their having


Go Here:

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Amish NFL draft expert!

¶ Are you READY for some FOOTBALL???? 

A Monday night party??

The whole house is rockin’, let’s get it kick started

Launch this thing, raise the roof, that’s right

All my rowdy friends are here on Monday night!!!!


Ok settle down now...


It's seems there is an Amish fella down in Ohio by the name of Eli Yoder who  by this 3 part story must be a football expert. I'm going have to see if I can get him to make some predictions for my football blog  this Fall/Winter

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

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Tulips & Horses

Here's some pictures of my tulips that have popped out and Jake and Buster out in back 40...


The Tulips don't have names...LOL








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Happy Earth Day!

At least no one has to send a dozen $5 Hallmark cards to anyone for this holiday...


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Cream Puffs on the web

This site has about the easiest and best tasting ones I have found,


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