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Yeah! We Used the Clothesline!

Saturday and Sunday we really nice around here, we figured out how to fasten the green plastic coated metal line and we are able to hang the laundry, thank you to everyone for your help. 

I have a couple of photos up on my blog if you would like a visual!


Baseball Date Night

By the time you read this, the game will be over! Hope you made it on time after the book signing! We have Griffey now VIA the ChiSox!  And if I don't put in a plug for the Cards, I'd be in big trouble since my Dad was born/raised in St. Louis!!!  Most important I just wish you and Rachel a happy date night!!!  


Kevin, Where are you today?  I hope that you are not feeling super gross!

Momma doesn't miss a trick

***A little background, I happened to be observant, Kevin, dicovered or pointed this out this week. I actually think it is a gift that helps with things like my scrapbooking - but it can also be a curse, for my children it usually doesn't work out so well.  This is a story written by our 20 year old daughter, that she is sharing with all of you***



Hello, This is kjunebug’s daughter number one again. So here is my story.


Until I was 11 years old, I was a strong believer in Santa. Just one year before this Christmas, I wrote Santa a letter asking him if I could have a picture of him and if he could leave some other sign to prove to me that it was him. Christmas morning, I woke up to a Polaroid photo of Santa and sooty boot prints on our carpet leading from the fire place. I was sold! Debate over! Santa was real!

Christmas time the next December, my mom sat me down and told me the ‘truth’. I was so devastated. I could not believe that my own parents would betray me like that! All my life they had been lying to me!

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with my mom being so observant???   Well… as an act of rebellion I decided that if Santa truly was a fake, then those wonderful presents that appear so mystically under our tree every year were hidden somewhere in my own home.

One day, while mom was in the shower, I went searching. In a storage closet under the stair case, I found two boxes with my name on them among others for my siblings! Mom was telling the truth, no Santa. As far as I was concerned at 11, that was the end all be all of life, so I might as well proceed to find out what was in those boxes! I had been wanting this certain name brand sweatshirt that all my friends had one of. I opened them! And sure enough, there was the sweatshirt! I even went as far as to put it on and admire myself in the mirror.

Then it hit me.. Uh-oh, I am not supposed to have this. Even worse, I have to rewrap it! The panic was sinking in! Mom always, uses ONLY 3 pieces of tape on every gift she wraps. I still to this day, at almost 21, cannot wrap a gift as perfectly as my mom. So I did the best I could, using more than 3 pieces of tape. Oops! That night when my parents prepared to wrap more boxes, they noticed one wasn’t quite like they left it. They came and got me out of bed and after lots and lots of nudging, I confessed to my crime. It was by far the worst Christmas of my life. Honestly, Christmas has never been the same. The toys used to have a certain smell to them, that I was sure was the smell of Santa’s’ work shop, now, no smell. Christmas has forever lost its magic.

I got to keep the sweat shirt. It was not only a constant reminder of my little adventure, but also of the year Santa disappeared forever.

Another Newspaper is Going down...

I just read that the Seattle PI is not going to be in print any longer.     Here is the link to the story from one of the Seattle news stations.     http://www.kirotv.com/news/18797290/detail.html

The PI has a landmark, in that it has a giant "world" on top of the building when the PI (Post Intellegencer) moved across town, it was big news as to how the "world" would be moved; they moved it and it is pretty cool, you can see it if you are out on the sound on a ferry.  I wonder what will happen with that? 

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