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Trip To Mishler's and Pleasant View Bakery in Dalton, WI

I had such a fun day to-day! I went to Mishler's Country Store, W5115 Barry Rd, Dalton, WI, 53926. I have been planning to purchase a Nordic Ware covered 1/2 sheet cake pan.  Well, to-day I bought it! I asked the woman checking things out, if she had one of these pans. She said, "we have 3 of them." I thought, big duh for me.  Anyway, I bought some pudding mixes, some breakfast cereals, Clear Jell, and wide mouth plastic lids for my canning jars. I store so many things in them and seem to be losing the original lids. The item I saw this time I want to get next time is a hand-crank blender. Wow! I can retire the Osterizer to under the sink to keep my 1949 Mixmaster company.

Then onto Pleasant View bakery, N9541 Kiefer Rd, Dalton, WI  53926.  The aroma of woodstove baking and baked goods was absolutely intoxicating. I wanted to ask for a tour of the kitchen; I'd love to see what they use for utensils and pans, and see the wonderful ovens. I got 2 loaves of bread, which were still warm on the shelf, and 6 doughnuts.

I saw several buggies on the road and waved to each one. I received waves back from everyone. I made a point to slow down everytime, so I wouldn't scare the horse.

What a wonderful Amish day I had to-day.



Clotheslines in the News

Apparently the officials in Penn want to be in the news lately! Amish potties now clotheslines!  We've talked before about this topic, and some of you have said that your neighborhood associations or towns have outlawed clotheslines; I knew eventually this would be news, this morning on Fox news I found this article:,2933,575698,00.html

Project Laundry List is on a blog that can be found by Googling.  Hopefully these silly laws against hanging will soon be a thing of the past!  

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Copies of Kevin on TV

Hi, how can one get copies of Kevin on TV apperiences? I don't have TV, cable, or satilite access, but have internet access.






wants to learn about amish culture

i am new to this area since i came from virginia and our newspaper was the richmond-times dispatch. i came from colonial heights,virginia in the early summer, starting to take the cincinnati enquirer about two weeks ago. i saw the amish cook last wedsnday and i really enjoyed it. thank you for letting me on your site.

Warsaw Book Signing, Nov.14

It was a beautiful day to come out for a Book Signing. Kevin, Lovina, Joe and two of the children (Loretta & Benjamin) got to the Party Shop at noon. I would say it was to good turn out, the line never seemed to end I wouldn't be surprised if they had two hundred people show up. They took a break around 2:00 and finished signing books about 3:30--4:00pm.  I have now had the pleasure of meeting three of the children along with Joe and Lovina, and of course Kevin. I got my book signed by Lovina, Kevin, and we got Joe to sign to also.

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