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Cancer and the Amish....

This is an interesting study released by Ohio State University.   A large scale study of cancer cases a group of Ohio Amish point to significantly lower cancer rates.  The study is interesting, but the article - in my mind - fails to answer some key questions.  The actual study may answer these questions, but the article doesn't.   For instance, how would the Amish in northern Indiana, Lancaster County, PA, or rural Illinois compare?  I think to really draw strong conclusions about cancer and the Amish you'd need to look at a larger cross-section.  The sample size for the study seemed adequate, but just using Holmes County would seem to provide limited value.  Click here to read the article about the study.

Mark of the Beast Case Nears Conclusion.......

I'm not well-versed enough in ag rules to really have much of an opinion on this case.  Like many of the Amish-government disputes, I can sort of see both sides, but I think I'm a bit more in the government's corner on this one.  I just don't see how tagging livestock creates that big of a problem or intrusion into religious practices. If they are making the argument on grounds of expense or something, I might be more sympathetic.  But, again, I'm just not well-versed enough on this.  Anyway, the case appears to be nearing some sort of conclusion. Click here to read an update.

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