1.  True.  Though it's commonly recognized as a
Vegetable, the eggplant is actually a fruit.
More specifically, it's a berry.

2.  C.  John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich is
responsible for the ‘inventor' of the food which
bears his name.  Montague, a notorious gambler who
didn't want to leave the gambling table to eat during
his gambling marathons, would simply
order slices of meat between two pieces of bread.
more trivia:   The Sandwich Islands,
now called Hawaii, were originally named after the

3.  False.  Food borne illnesses peak during the
summer months according to the Food Safety and
Inspection Service located in Washington D.C.   This
is because bacteria grow faster in the summer months
due to the heat and humidity; and because
more people are cooking outside without the benefit of
protective refrigeration.  Also few people to not wash
their hands when eating outside. At picnics or

4.  B.  Luisia Tetrazzini; she was a
turn-of-the-century Italian
soprano . The dish was created specifically for her
according to Jean
Anderson, author of The American Century Cookbook.
Though many people make this dish with chicken, it was
originally made with turkey.

5.  A.  the Twinkie graced Archie Bunker's lunchbox.