Sometimes the journey is more of a joy than the destination. I am sure Hillsboro is a charming town, I just didn't get to see any of it. I gave a talk at the local library and then left town as quickly as I came. But the drive from Cincinnati to Hillsboro is on historic Route 50, a main east-west continental artery long before the days of impersonal, lightning-quick superhighways. U.S. stretches from San Francisco to Ocean City, Maryland. This stretch in Ohio is like so many others, it passes through tiny two-traffic light towns, past non-chain cafes that actually serve food with flavor. In tiny Owensville, a line snaked up to the counter of "Kathy's Kitchen", an outdoor food cart serving up what I imagine is the best breakfast around. Farmland sprawls out beyond the towns hugging U.S. 50, a gentle reminder of the agrarian America we once were.