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This site will soon offer a smorgasbord for handwriting analysis aficionados  You'll be able to analyze the handwriting of celebrities, famous historical figures, and people in the news. Michelle will offer surfers to this site the chance to have their own handwriting analyzed as well as providing tips and tools to analyze your own. Michelle says that "you can change your life if you change your writing." We'll tell you how. Readers will be able to find out the newspapers that carry "The Handwriting Doctor" and cull through the many criminal cases that Michelle has solved, as well as famous past crimes in which handwriting analysis has played a major role.

Below is a sample of one of Michelle's weekly newspaper columns. Stay tuned to this site for an exciting, informative virtual clinic put on by The Handwriting Doctor.

Vice President Al Gore Texas Governor George W. Bush

Al Gore, left, shows a stubborn streak. George W. Bush's handwriting shows signs of "threading."

By Michelle Dresbold

Al Gore and George W. Bush may tote their differences, but one look at their signatures tells us that their motivating forces are very similar. Look at the way they signed their names. Yep, you're right, it is almost eerie how much alike the two signatures are.

Notice the overly large capitals compared to the lower case letters next to them. These inflated capitals show up in the writing of people with an inflated ego. Such people crave attention. There is a drive for fame and public recognition.

Both Bush and Gore's signatures slant rightward. Right slanted writers find it easy to express their emotions. They can make others feel that they are demonstrative, affectionate, sincere and passionate. This is very important in a politician. In fact, close to 100 percent of our presidents have had rightward-slanted handwriting. The exception is President Clinton whose handwriting slants slightly to the left.

Gore and Bush have signatures with a thick, heavy pressure. The heavier the pressure the more strength, intensity and mental energy the writer is exerting in life. To write with a heavy pressure, a writer must contract his or her muscles. When do you contract your muscles? You contract when you're feeling determined, anxious, aggressive, and a bit pugnacious.

How do Al Gore and George W.'s handwriting differ? Well, Gore has a check or tick mark at the start of his "A." This means that Gore was feeling "ticked off" or angry at the time of his signing. In addition, his letter "l" splits at the bottom, forming a tent stroke. A tent-stroke resembles the legs of a mule. And you know what a mule is: stubborn.

Bush doesn't both to write out the "u" and "s" in his last name. He just "threads" or squiggles the letters in his name together. Threading is associated with speed, high intelligence, and great business potential. On the other hand, it can be associated with fatigue and evasiveness.

Who will win the November election? I don't know, but if history is any indication, the candidate with the larger handwriting almost always wins!