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The Handwriting Doctor
Michelle Dresbold

Michelle Dresbold strikes fear into the hearts of criminals while she mends the hearts of the love-lorn.

Michelle's personality is an enigmatic blend of mystery and steely determination. Michelle is an accomplished artist, skilled with a paintbrush, and a killer-catcher, armed with an eye for the most microscopic detail.

"The Handwriting Doctor" showcases Michelle's many talents. "The Handwriting Doctor" is a weekly advice column where readers are invited to send in  handwritten questions (of course) and have Michelle analyze them. Using clues hidden in the handwriting, Michelle - with humor and warmth - dispenses practical advice.

"Handwriting is like a fingerprint," Michelle has said.

Each person leaves their calling card in the way they dot their "I's", cross  their "t's" or loop their "e's." In her column Michelle fields questions from the broken-hearted, the jilted lover, the forger, the teenager, and the homemaker. Michelle's colorful persona gives her column wide appeal.

Michelle has earned masters degrees in art and psychology from Michigan State University. This interdisciplinary education has given Michelle the background to go beyond the handwriting and into personality profiling. This combination leads to powerful advice. So next time you write, watch the way your pen moves across paper, the answers to your life's troubles may be right under your nose.