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Aisha Mansour was born and raised in Falls Church, Virginia. 

A product of Palestinian immigrants, Aisha Mansour learned early the significance of food in Middle Eastern culture and family life.  In their small, two-bedroom
apartment, Aisha and her mother, Yama, baked pita and rolled grape leaves.   Forbidding any house guest from leaving without a sip of mint tea, Yama immediately bequeathed to Aisha the art of brewing and the responsibility of serving.  At the age of ten, Aisha was sent to live with her uncle's family in the West Bank town of Al-Beirh.  It was in her uncle's backyard that she plucked her first green almond eating it like a Granny Smith; where she
gathered her first basket full of olives to be crushed and cured by her aunt; and where she first sampled the unadulterated sweetness of a plump,
purply-green fig.  On her uncle's farm, Aisha learned to eat everything.

Aisha was born and raised in Falls Church, Virginia.  She studied Biology and Health Services Administration at The George Washington
University in the District of Columbia. Aisha currently resides in Milwaukee where she enjoys reading, writing, teaching aerobics classes, and of course, cooking and eating.


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