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Whoopie Pie Alert

It seems to me that somebody who “frequents” this website just loves whoopie pies … now who could that be?     

 The Whoopie Pie Festival is September 18th in Ronks, PA.  Here’s the event website:  (I can gain weight just reading about it!) 


And for anyone who might be interested, here’s a list of upcoming fairs and festivals in Lancaster County, PA:

29th Annual Denver Fair
September 14-18 / Denver, PA

60th Annual Southern Lancaster County Fair
September 15-17 / Quarryville, PA

92nd Annual Ephrata Fair
(The largest community fair in Pennsylvania!)
September 21-25 / Ephrata, PA

86th Annual West Lampeter Fair

September 22-24 at the complex on Fair Road, off Route 741

79th Annual New Holland Farmer's Fair
September 29-Oct. 2 / New Holland, PA

56th Annual Manheim Community Farm Show
October 4-8 / Manheim


For more info: 




Re: Whoopie Pie Alert

Not that I can attend theseFrown,but I have several jars of asst. Amish canned goods arriving today from Lancaster cty.(via my SIL). We are opening a farm oriented business,and I am placing them in my gift shop. So although I can't get there,at least a little bit will get to me!!!

Re: Whoopie Pie Alert

Farmhousebarb, that is so exciting!  You said my favorite words ... "gift shop!"    What else besides the Lancaster County Amish canned goods will you be selling?  Anything made by the Amish in your neck of the woods?   What else?  Details, I want details! Smile And maybe you'll post a photo or two once you're up and running?  If you haven't guessed by now, having a gift shop has been a life-long dream of mine.  I'm really happy for you!  ~ Janice

Re: Whoopie Pie Alert

We are having a corn maze,hay rides,cow train rides,a petting zoo,and picnicking available. In the gift shop,I will be selling(besides those canned goods from Lancaster cty.),eggs, baked goods,wall decor,hand-dipped candles,etc.Also,we are serving cider,donuts,ice cream,hot dogs, soda and coffee. It is still "evolving",and I have stock arriving daily. Also,we are selling pumpkins,indian corn,and corn stalks.Our opening date is Oct. 1st..we will be open the entire month of Oct. After that,we will be selling Christmas items and trees.We have a website,www.pine grove family It is also evolving,but has pertinent info. Photos are being added daily(or asap!!). We have been really BUSY!!!!Tongue outThanks for your interest!!

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Re: Whoopie Pie Alert

Oh wow farmhousebarb that sounds brilliant!! Would love to work in something like that myself. Best of luck with it all

Re: Whoopie Pie Alert

I agree!  It sounds wonderful ... and you've obviously put a lot of thought and planning into it.  I wish you and your family all the best with it ... that's so exciting!  ~ Janice

P.S.  Just checked out your website ... I love your photographs (especially the "posing" cow Smile ), and the scenery is simply beautiful.  I will check back often..

Re: Whoopie Pie Alert

You are right...alot of planning,thought,and more planning(several years worth!)!!!! We have had this in the works for a very looooong time! I thank-you all for the well wishes and encouragement. Hubby is the one to thank for the website,photos and all...he does all of it.I don't know how he is able to work all day and then do the site at night. I am usually long in bed when he stops. The cow ,by the way,is Abby. More photos coming....wait until you see Thomas...he's a turkey,but thinks he's a dog! He eats from our hand,follows us around,loves to be petted(including his head!),and will lay around a campfire. Crazy life around here!!! Stay tuned.....

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Re: Whoopie Pie Alert

So not fair. Frown 


Re: Whoopie Pie Alert

Janice - Thanks - SIGH, I live in the wrong areaFrown Lancaster is so far...but for those of you in the Lancaster area, this is a great list! - Kevin