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I just bought Mindy Starns Clark's pocket book, A Pocket Guide to Amish Life, which is wonderful as a quick reference.  She states that the Amish do not have phone lines attached to their property because that would indicate connecting to the English world.  I got to thinking, what about cellular phones?  There is no physical line connecting them to the outside.  Do any Amish allow the use of them?

Re: Technology

Thank you!  It sounds like a good basic phone like the prepaid ones that don't have a camera or net access (Tracfone, etc).  Terry

Re: Technology

Tray, it is a good question you ask...I addressed the very topic at:

If you don't have video capability, in short:  yes, some Amish are quite comfortable with cell phones because they are wireless and are not "connected" to the grid.  Cell phones, however, now have cameras and can access the internet and this has created some qualms in the community about their acceptance.