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LeRaysville, PA

Kevin, I was wondering if you have ever heard of an Amish settlement in Bradford County, PA. (It's about 45 minutes from the NY state border) My husband and I purchused a house here and had come across this small Amish community by accident! You can imagine my surprise when I seen a sign with the buggy symbol on it.. I just about fainted...:) Anyway, I have visited a few Amish roadstands for produce, the bulk store, and recently visited the Cheese Factory where they employ Amish men make cheeses and such. I was wondering if you have ever heard of this settlement? Or if you have any idea how long it's been around, ect?

  Thanks in advance..


Re: LeRaysville, PA

I know about that community from having worked in Wysox, PA for several years. I commuted from Apalachin, NY and drove through Little Meadows and Warren Center, PA. There are also some Old Order Mennonite families along those roads. The Amish and Mennonites in Bradford County are friendly, gracious people. I've visited the LeRaysville cheese factory too. I think the Amish settled in that area because it's quiet, pristine, beautiful, private and affordable. I live in Scranton now and miss seeing the buggies.