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Kevin's hometown tidbit

For what it is worth...people there are very honest.  A few years back we stopped to eat at the Cracker Barrel which is located off I-75 just inside Middletown.   I left my purse hanging on the chair and we proceded home which was a good 75 miles or more.

When we got home I realized my error and immediately called.  My purse was in the office and all I had to do was come back and present some sort of ID to collect it.  An honest person who was cleaning the tables turned it in.  When we got there I described the purse down to what was in it to the exact detail as all my ID was in there.  I will forever be grateful to the person who turned it in.


Re: Kevin's hometown tidbit

Well, now then three cheers for Middletown, for all the Middletown bashing I do, I guess there's something or someone redeeming about it!Smile