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cow's feet

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2-3 cow's feet (cut into 3-4 pcs. each)    3 cups white beans soaked overnight

1 tbsp of each: cumin, paprika, ginger

1/2 tsp of each: pepper, salt, turmeric     5 cloves of garlic crushed

3 tbsp olive oil                                  1 tbsp smen /// ghee

1/2 a perserved lemon

1. put feet (Tongue out) into a big pot with spices, smen, lemons, garlic, and olive oil. let it simmer for a little while (5-10 min) then add about 1 cup of water. let it continue to simmer for about 20 minutes.

2. add beans to the pot and let it continue to simmer for about 1 hour (or until the beans a soft) then sauce shold be thick, boil it down if you have to.

***serve with crusty bread

***smen /// ghee is a clarified butter, if you cannot find it just replace with olive oil

***if you do not want to make the lemons then leave them out

***i know that it sounds strange but this is really delicious!!!! the original recipe was for 1 cup of beans and i had to increase it to 3 because the kids always eat everything up. if you only want to try it with 1 cup of beans then all the spices that are 1 tbsp cut that down to 1 tsp, and the spices that are 1/2 cut that down to 1/4. everything else remains the same.

***if you like savory marrow from bones you should love this

Re: cow's feet

This recipe could use a more appetizing name, lol.......

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Re: cow's feet

i know as gross as it might sound it is very good especially in cold weather.

but just think of the fun when the kids finished their dinner you can tell them, "guess what you just ate cow's feet hahahaha!"Yell

maybe we can call it : beef hooves, cow peds, steer toesSurprised

sorry but they all sound worse then the original

Re: cow's feet

oops, sorry, photo posted here of cow's feet took up too much memory/space on the server!

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Re: cow's feet