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Just curious;  in a past column Lovina mentioned that they stayed at a motel while traveling for wedding celebration.  She mentioned that they took the children to the pool for fun time..  May I ask what the children wear as clothing in the pool and do the adults also enjoy this pastime?  Thanks. 

Re: clothing

I can tell you that in the Belle Center community swimming is taken more seriously.  There is never, never mixed swimming.  Even when I visited my Dad in Florida, the boy that went with me that year to help out and myself would always go to the pool around 9:00 PM when nobody else was there.

At home, in the summer time, the boys will go to a local pond.  They wear swimming trunks.  But, the pond is very private and cannot be seen from the road.  The girls will go on a different evening.  No bathing suits.  The girls and women wear old dresses.

And, there's no going home in bathing suits or any of that.  We come in our regular clothes and we go home in our regular clothes.

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Re: clothing

 it is a shame that so many girls don't know what modesty is anymore. my girls too would be expected to cover up as well. this is a link showing the style that my girls would wear. only in the area of swimsuits not the other clothing

swimming again

I was not referring to the kids in rumspringa ( sp probably - I am tired). I am not surprised to know SOME Amish or Mennonite girls do this ( Hopefully, people do not conclude it is a majority, but some will.). I am referring to what is allowable in a group.

re: swimming again

I'll concur with Joanie on this one...Lovina's children are all young enough where modesty issues don't come into play yet....However, when they are older, especially the females, you just wouldn't see non-rumspringa "plain faith" women in traditional bathing suits, even one piecers.....  Are there exceptions to this? Of course.  I'm sure someone will write to me telling me they saw a "plain faith female" in a bikini......but those are the exceptions rather than the rule....rumspringa? Of course the "regular rules" go out the window.....


you would be amazed at the amount of young amish girls you would find going to the beaches in NJ and MD, wearing dresses to go out to the beach and then stripping down to bathing suits... I have gotten a good laugh ut of watching peoples reaction when they do that... kinda ruins alot of peoples opinions of the amish! Conservative one piece suits do seem to be the msot popular!


I do not believe any ( might be an exception, but I doubt it) developed or developing female of any of the plain faiths ( adult or filled out teen) would be in a swimming suit in a public pool. Not without a tee shirt to cover the top and long enough to cover down to knees. I know of some who wear dresses in lakes and such and GB friends whose kids wear tee shirts over suits like I described ( at an outing with Amish and Mennonite friends who are fairly liberal).
I will try to remember to ask my Amish friend when I see her in a few weeks what her community allows with such a situation.


Welcome, lytningbug!  Good to have you on our site.  That's a fair question.  Really, though, the swimsuits worn in a public pool would be pretty much the same as what you'd see other children their age wearing.  Lovina just bought suits at KMart in town.  Trunks for the boys, one-piece suits for the girls....the older girls have a swimsuit with a little skirt for added modesty...Learning to swim is something encouraged among the Amish after a spate of drownings in recent years - Kevin