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I have never touched an Amish buggy, but have seen hundreds of them, parked beside them, driven  behind them, etc, and to me they look like they are made out of something that looks smooth and leathery, but yesterday, I was parked beside the hitching post for the Amish at our local Walmart, and the buggy beside my car was made out of plywood, painted black, it wasn't a cart or a wagon, it was your typical looking buggy, with a roof, doors, etc, but it was wooden, and I was wondering if any of you have ever seen one like that, if it is typical some places, or did I just happen to park  beside someone's homemade version of an Amish buggy???

Re: buggies

That's interesting. I have never seen an Amish buggy, but just assumed they were all made of wood.  What is the typical material?

Re: buggies

They are typically made of wood..although like almost everything Amish you are going to see variations (even fiberglass)...but wood is by far and away the most common buggy material and a skilled buggy-maker will take a lot of pride in their craftsmanship. Poplar is a wood that wears too easily so many buggy-makers stay away from that and instread use blends of white oak and walnut...buggies are generally considered like a "family car", so they want strong material....I think you probably just happened to stumble across a really cheap "bachelor's buggy"Smile