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Do the Amish use eco-friendly products and methods when cleaning their homes? Since I know so little about Amish culture, would it be safe for me to assume that their older, simpler ways of doing things would probably be traditionally more eco-friendly than the English ways? Would eco-friendly be a normal way of life for the Amish?

I am very eco-conscious. I make almost all my own household cleaners. Not only is is extremely inexpensive, it's healthier for our home, our health, and the environment. I would very much like to learn the old way of making soaps. Do the Amish make their own soap?

It would be interesting to see some practical Amish household tips. Can you imagine another column in addition to "The Amish Cook" called "Hints from Hannah?"


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Hi, I'm new here. I see I'm answering an old 2008 blog but anyway. Speaking of eco-friendly and the Amish, I've a web site on Amish information and goods- come check me out.

Also, on the eco friendly side, I also use a Rainbow and sell them. The Amish are quite big on them too. What's a Rainbow? It's a total air purification and cleaning system that uses natures way to clean. It cleans the air too! Since most Amish live on dusty farms and in the country, they really enjoy not "sweepin up storms" anymore with brooms. Some Amish pipe in electricity from thier barns and others use generators.. But most wont' tell you that. If you want more info on Rainbows, you may email me at   And more info on Amish see my website..  Tks

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Alright....  If you go to and type in tea tree oil there are several results, but the only one I think is worthwhile is a pharmaceutical grade, 2 oz bottle you can find here ( )  The good thing is that you can type in your zip code to see if your store carries it.  I really hope that is of some use to all of you searching who don't want to buy online (and I can't blame you when the shipping is sometimes more than the product!).


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Thanks!  It says that my Walmart does have it.  I will have to ask in the pharmacy, because some of that kind of stuff (even if not Rx) they keep behind the counter.

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Just a note.  If you are looking for PURE tea tree oil, you may want to go to a health food store or just order it online.  The stuff I got at Walmart has tea tree oil as one of its main ingredients, but it's not 100%.  I just searched for tea tree oil. has a 1/2oz for $5.77  That's just one of several places.  Here's the link:


I just saw the tea tree oil in my Wal-Mart the other day and it was in the vitamin aisle.  Couldn't find it anywhere when I had a fungal infection on my thumbnail.  Now that it's all cleared up, I find it.....!Tongue out  ~Diann

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I got tea tree oil at Walmart before.  It was with the African-American hair products.  


"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift... that's why they call it the present."

That is definitely not an area I look at ever, but I will be sure to check it next time I am out there!


GOD BLESS YOU I hope everyone found their Tea Tree oil successfully.

I have found that if you can ask one of the folks working in the Rx area, they are much more knowledgeable AND helpful in locating items like this.  I found it in a couple of differnet areas at Wal Mart. Guess they weren't certain where to stock it. It was by shampoos,first aid and ear meds in three different  stores.

Hope it helps.  It is definitely worth locating.  In another store they had theirs in the vitamins. ???


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 I still haven't found it at Wal-Mart... I looked by the first aid stuff like someone suggested, and it wasn't there.  I also looked by the vitamins.  I guess I will have to remember to ask someone.


I have a recipe for eco=friendly cleaning.

1 gallon of water
2 cups rubbing alcohol
1 tbsp ammonia
1 tbsp liquid dish soap

Me, my fiends & family use it all the time . Try it & spread the word. It is great.

Eco cleaners

Hello! I am new here. My Sister in law is beachy amish- mennonite (she and her husband and children joined 6 years ago) and I asked her what she uses to clean her home and she says she makes some at home but most of the women buy from Melalucca. But she said everyone is different. People just get what they can afford. Tea tree oil is found in with the hydrogen peroxide, and other oils in first aide aile

Tea Tree Oil


WalMart does carry this. AND nearly any drug store and health food store, also.

This is not just for cleaning. About 25 yrs ago, there was a handbook published with all the wonderful things this product can do for us, naturally.

A drop on a cotton swab touched to a tick or chigger is wonderful.

Same with undernail fungus. Small amount on swab placed uner nails. Clean debris nex day. Follow this for about a week and the mosst stubborn case of nail fungus is cleared up. A few drops in a foot bath will keep it that way.

Great with a couple drops in your mouthwash during sore throat season.

Health food store should still carry the first-aid handbook. It is not strictly a Tea Tree Oil book. Also has hints for honey and vinegar.


Tea Tree Oil and pregnant women

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Where would I find this in Walmart?  If I were to ask someone, they more than likely would have never heard of tea tree oil and would just say "we don't carry that."  I have found that this happens often for things that they definitely carry!  Also, would they carry the lemon oil extract??

As I was reading on the internet, I remember reading something that said pregnant women should not handle tea tree oil.  Does anyone else know if this is true?  I know when I herb gardened, that pregnant women were not supposed to handle the pennyroyal plant.  I am NOT pregnant (and after the weekend I had with these two, having a third sounds crazy! Must have been a full moon...) but nice to know for future reference :-)

tea tree oil

You can find tea tree oil at any health food place ( GNC sells it), or wild oats, I am not sure about Trader Joes. It is everywhere these days - I think I saw it at the grocery or drug store. Check their herbal aisles - most have them. And, of course, you can find it online - just type it in and see all the herbal places you will pull up. Some Amish stores sell it, not all.
You were talking about cleaning with lemon juice. When I have used lemons for juicing or a recipe I use the used lemon halves to wash my counter tops, stove top, and my faucet. I press down hard and it flattens the lemon half out. It does get spread some pulp around, but you can just wipe it up. There is cleaning power left in those halves!!
Can you share the recipe for the cleaner you want to make? That should be pretty good and strong stuff.

Recipe for Tea Tree Oil cleaner

"Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it.  Once you've lost it, you can never get it back."

  We don't have much in our area but WalMart.... would it be in the vitamin section maybe with the herbal supplements???


Here is the recipe for the cleaner.  It came from Martha Stewart's website.  She is very into the eco-friendly cleaning and has lots of info on her website.  Just search "green cleaning."

Make your own disinfectant spray with vinegar and any essential oil, such as lemon oil or tea-tree oil. Combine 1/4 cup vinegar, 2 cups water, and 10 drops lemon oil or tea-tree oil. Another good recipe is 2 teaspoons tea-tree oil and 2 cups of water mixed in a spray bottle. Shake well before spraying onto problem areas.

Less can be more!!! Natural cleaning

I use baking soda and vinegar (separately and also together) to clean lots of stuff.  My oven was in bad need of a cleaning, and the window inside the oven door had a thick layer of that sticky, orange-yellow grease that is almost impossible to get off.  I tried Soft Scrub with Bleach and a few other things, and barely got anything off.  Then I decided to try the old b. soda and vinegar.  I rinsed all the chemical junk off really well, then sprinkled baking soda all over the glass and scrubbed with a vinegar-soaked sponge.  It took a little elbow grease, but I got ALL of that greasy mess off! (Now I admit, I did use Easy Off oven cleaner for the rest of the oven because I definitely am not Super Woman!  LOL).

I clean my butcher block slab with a mixture of kosher salt and lemon juice, made into a paste.  It sanitizes and gets any bacteria off of there, plus it helps get rid of those pesky green stains from chopping parsley, etc.

One more thing: To clean your kitchen/bathroom drains, once or twice a month pour a small box of baking soda down the drain, and then chase it with a good amount of vinegar.  Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, and then flush the drain with a pot of boiling water.  Really helps with minor clogs, too!

Lastly, to keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh and the blades sharp, throw in some vinegar ice cubes every so often and grind them up.  You can also use frozen slices of lemon.

Now, if anyone can tell me where I might be able to find tea tree oil, I would really like to know.  I have a recipe for an al-purpose natural cleaner consisting of water, vinegar, and tea tree oil and can't find the oil.

Cleaning Hints

It would definitely be interesting to learn about Amish cleaning tips. Maybe you could add it as another section on the website. Then like the recipe section, you could add to it as you remember them or they come up in discussions. Just a thought...

re: Amish House Cleaning Eco-Friendly?

Welcome, rainstorm!  You actually answered your own question:)  I'd hazard to guess that most Amish homemakrer housecleaning IS quite eco-friendly.  The reason, though, has less to do with an overwhelming eco-ethos than the simple fact that many of these homemakers are using "old ways" to do stuff and those tend to be more eco-friendly anyway, at least when it comes to household checmicals and the like.   There would also be a view of "frivoloity" among Amish homemakers towards chemical cleaners.  Why spend scarce $$ to buy some Mr. Clean when soap, water, and elbow grease has always worked just as well?  But I should compile some hints from Amish homemakers (one I use all the time is to clean glass with newspaper instead of cloth, that really does work to do streak free cleaning...I use the method on my car windshield)...I doubt I'd have Lovina do a second column though, one is dfficult enough!:)