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Amish Grace book

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So has anyone read this yet? what did you think of it? and did it change your thoughts or the actions of your everyday life? etc.etc...

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I'm one who tends to read through a book and then go back and pick sections/parts  out that I find interesting... I especially do it with my religion, health, history books

One part that intriqued me was where the media questioned whether or not the new school would have electronic security system and such and the answer gave was no because they felt like it would weaken they trust in God and lose his blessing. I found that interesting because the next day on the radio, after reading that part, I heard Dr James Kennedy talking about how society has replaced trusting in God with alarms,cameras,gates,guards,etc... Which lead me to thinking about where I live and the Amish around me and my trip down to pathway book store, and I guess we just have the same feeling/belief... I never lock my doors or windows,  my wallet and truck keys are left in my truck all the time....

Another part was where they talked about the great divide between Amish and outsiders being Individualism.

The main thing I see which I knew already from other books and talks,etc... is 2 things lacking in our society today is formost in Amish society - Trust and Forgiveness which includes non-revenge... I agree with several who said if the shooting would have happened to "english" the civil lawsuits would be filling the courts....

Trusting in God

It would be nice to not put everything under lock and key... The suburban area we live in we would be thought of as crazy if we left things open regularly.  Although, in trusting in God I think of a number of situations that we have been faced with, we could have chosen the worldly way or trusted that God and wait, everytime I can say that when we waited on God with out fail those situations were resolved with ease, only when resisted God did we suffer consequences.  When reading the book it only solidified for me that trusting in God is the only way.

Being honest, while reading the book, I questioned many things in my life and did come to decide that I have not fully trusted in God in everything as the Amish do everyday. I thought also of the Evangelical Christian community as a whole and thought of the recent number of talks or books that emphasize the "me" aspect in (what I would say) into cohersing God into giving decision they way they want it to be.


Yes, I've read it

We actually ended up buying the book.  I read it first, my husband is currently reading it. I felt that it was very well written. Did it change my thoughts or actions of my everyday life? I don't know.  They are areas of my life that forgiveness was easy, in other areas probably not so easy, tending to hold on to a grudge or two.  I can say that everyone of those situations that I personally  hold on too, was thought about during my reading of the book.  We are going to be passing the book on to some friends, when it is returned I plan to reread it.  It is a book that all people would benefit from reading.