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Amish in Central America

Hi All,

Well, there will soon be "Amish in Central America."  A group of six of us from the Belle Center, Ohio community, including yours truly, will be leaving early tomorrow morning for a trip to Guatemala and El Salvador.

The purpose of the trip, actually, is to attend a friend's wedding in El Salvador.  He was Amish and spent time at a Mennonite mission in El Salvador.  As the old story goes, he met a girl there, fell in love, left the Amish, joined the Mennonites, and is going to be married to the girl next week.

We will be gone about eleven days.

Bye for now,


Re: Amish in Central America

Several years ago, I took a trip from Bolivia to Paraguay.  There were a number of people in what looked like 'plain clothes' on the plane.  After they left, one of the crew said they were "Amish" who lived in the Chaco...a huge plain in eastern Paraguay.  These folks farmed large ranches and farms, and even used their own small planes to get from one place to another because the farms/ranches were so big and the families so far apart.  These folks had come there some time between WWI and WWII, and were a significant part of Paraguayian life.

Re: Amish in Central America

We'll see what Gusluke says but I'm virtually certain that the crew erroneously called them "Amish" when they were, in fact, Mennonite...Paraguary has a sizable Old Order Mennonite population....Many people erroneously interchange Amish and Mennonite.....

Re: Amish in Central America

Hope you have a wonderful trip, Gusluke!   ~ Janice

Re: Amish in Central America

Ah, I remember you told me about this trip....Safe travels!! I'll be in touch with you when you get back!