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"Amish at the Altar" NGC Documentary

Am I the only one who saw this documentary on the National Geographic channel last night ( 8pm EST)?  I was just "channel surfing" when I found it, but I'm glad I did! 

The basic premise of the program was looking at current courting and marriage customs amongst the Amish communities by following three couples (one Old Order Amish, one Beachy Amish-Mennonite, and one ex-Amish couple) together with interviews with various Elders.

I thought it was quite well done, for a television production, even though they ended up spending more time with the ex-Amish couple (mostly because they weren't allowed to film the Old Order couple past a certain point in their transition into the adult Amish community). They even gave a rather good explanation of the Rumspringa period!

I just checked on the intertnet, and National Geographic will be re-showing this at 4pm on November 17

Re: "Amish at the Altar" NGC Documentary

I missed it. Hopefully,it will be on again someday.

Re: "Amish at the Altar" NGC Documentary

Missed it,but will certainly try to catch it next week! Thanks for sharing the next viewing date!!

Re: "Amish at the Altar" NGC Documentary

Glad to know that I wan't the only one who saw it. I, too, came across it while channel -surfing. I found it to be an informative look into a joyous occasion among the Amish that we, as Englischers, would otherwise not be able to witness first hand. Thanks" lougender" for the programming tip. I look foward to watching again.

Re: "Amish at the Altar" NGC Documentary

Yes, I saw it, too. My husband had seen it in the local tv paper earlier in the week and he knows I love anything Amish.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, but wondered how the Elders were able to be on camera, or were they with the Beachy Amish-Mennonite?  Will watch it again, thanks for letting me know about thatSmile