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Trickling Spring Country Store?

Okay, this entry relies on observations relayed to me by my mother, so I can't vouch for any of this myself.  I still, though, thought it sounded interesting.  

Ohio's Amish settlements were long found concentrated in four or five main clusters.  That, however, has been changing.  Southeastern Ohio seems very different from the rest of the flat state.  SE Ohio is more Appalachian than corn belt, with rugged hills, deep ravines, and a rural mountain atmosphere.  The Amish have gradually been making inroads into this part of the state. Which brings me to my mother:

She and some co-workers recently went for a "girls weekend away" at the original Bob Evans farmstead (I know, wild bunch) in Rio Grande, Ohio.   While in the area, Mom and some friends discovered what she says was a Mennonite-run store (I launched a barrage of questions at her:  Are you sure they were Mennonite? What did the women's dresses look like? Did the men have beards?  Did you see any buggies).  Mom did say that there were Amish in the area as well as Mennonites and she even brought me a brochure from this store she visited.  The brochure says "Trickling Spring Country Store."  An internet search brings up a store of the same name in Northeast Ohio, but little about this area.    The brochure advertises cheese, lunchmeats, spices, chocolates, and a ton of dry mixes.  A map on the brochure shows the store to be near the town of Cadmus, Ohio and Mother says the Amish lived around a small town called Patriot.  I know next to nothing about the "plain people" in this area....sounds interesting, though.  If anyone knows anything about the Amish or Mennonites in this area, let us know!

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There are indeed Amish in that area.  I took my mother to the Bob Evans Farm for a quilt exhibit and on the way back we stopped in the nearby town, Jackson, at a furniture store.  In the parking lot were some Amish selling pies.  There are also Amish in Gallipolis, Ohio, and some families are strung out on the roads in between.  A friend of mine buys produce, eggs, and meat from farms along there.  It's not a big settlement, though, and you could easily pass through and not realize any Amish were there.

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If you get the chance go to The Green Dragon Market in Ephreta.  In The summer you can eat your way through all the vegetable and bakery stands.  Everyone has samples.  Also make sure you put on your walking shoes.  LOL

By the way Kevin, on Tues (the2nd) my husband and I decided to take a road trip to Lancaster.  Had to have our "fix" of great food. On our way to Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse we passed a farm where a wedding was going on.  Usually this place has cold homemade  root beer.  They were closed that day.  There must have been 100 buggies there.


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Your mom sounds like she knows how to have fun.  A group of my friends and I are planning a trip to Green Dragon next Friday.  This group are between 50 and 70 years of age.  The Green Dragon is the 70 year-old's choice for a birthday trip.  We always have a good time, whereever we go, whatever we do. Keep up the good work Kevin.  

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Thank you. Let us know how your trip is. I had to "Google" Green Dragon...I am assuming you mean this:


If so, it looks interesting!

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Oh cool -- another area to check out!  Smile