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One Down, Two To Go....

I hope everyone is having a blessed and family-filled Thanksgiving. Rachel and I just got done with Thanksgiving celebration #1, which is my family's gathering.  We are inbetween meals now.  Later today we have her father's family Thanksgiving celebration, and then this weekend we have her mother's house to go to.  Spreads out the gluttony over a few days, which is nice. Stuffing. Yum, it's my favorite!

I've noticed more and more businesses are skipping the once sacrosanct ritual of staying closed on Thanksgiving Day. Memo to Kmart:  JUST BECAUSE CROWDS COME TO YOUR STORES TO SHOP ON THANKSGIVING DAY, IT DOESN'T MAKE IT OK TO BE OPEN.  I think employees need time off too.  Of course, some gas stations need to be open.  What about restaurants?  Have any of you ever just decided to do away with all the cooking and just go out for a special supper?  There is something very satisfying about cooking, preparing the food yourself, etc.....but is it equally satisfying to have no dishes?  No work? Just let someone else do it all?  I've never gone out to a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner, but I know some people do.  Have any of our site visitors gone out to a restaurant for your Thanksgiving meal? If so, what did you think of the experience?

Okay, on to meal #2.....

Dinner out


I guess i jumped the gun with my entry in the grocery shopping portion.

We had delightful food at Mimi's in So. Calif. AND did we ever have the leftovers aka doggy bag.

But like one of the other writers said. NO NOODLES. Since I get such questioning stares when i mention them, they must not be common to too many areas. Our family always had noodles. My cousin and I would forego dessert for one more helping of noodles

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re: noodles

I grew up with noodles, my mom would slow cook a whole chicken in a crock pot and then using the juice from that and some water would cook the egg noodles in the crock pot  - man that was good stuff...

Then when I lived in Indy for 8 yrs they used the fat noodles (rhemes?)down there. Never liked them as much as the egg noodle type (Mullers, Pennsylana dutch,etc.)

Thanksgiving Out

We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday because my Mom wanted to have Thanksgiving Dinner with my Dad at the Nursing Home.  This is my Dad's first Holiday at the nursing home since he was admitted back in January. 


Golden Corral

We went about 11:00 Am it was not crowded then but by 11:30 They began to roll in. When we levt about 12:15 or so it was getting full.    I don't have any close family near us anymore Other than our son and family.  Ron

fond memories

when i was a kid in the early sixties thanksgiving meant going to my grammas, two twenty five pound turkeys that had been prepped and put in the oven about five in the morning and every side dish that went along with it, fifty three or so relatives and tables and chairs borrowed from her local firehall across the street, today we got together at the same house, its my aunt's now and there were only eight of us, so many are gone, my dad included, all the older aunts and uncles living in florida now and not willing to come to northern new york this time of year, it was sad, we still had turkey and pie but something over time has been lost and is just a fond memory now........i wish when i had been younger i would of realized what was coming and savored each moment more, hope everyone here had a wonderful holiday and i enjoy your site tremendously......cheryl

Thanksgiving dinner at a fancy restaurant

When my husband and I were first married, we would do the two dinner
Thanksgiving. The first was a home cooked meal at my mother's
house with all the side dishes too many to list. The second would
be with my husband's family at the Shuler's Wigwam in Cincinnati
that consisted of turkey, dressing, mash potatoes, green beans, and
choice of pie. We did this for several years until it got
to be too much to do with four boys in tow. The thing that always
stood out for me, and is still my thought to this day, there is no
place like home. My mom is no longer with us, Shuler's is closed,
but home cooking is the best for this important day. Plus I love
the left oversLaughing

re: T Day Out

Carol - If I can remove my food coma long enough to think and write a coherent post, I will....Reading your post for some reason just made me very wistful...Don't get me wrong, I am not sitting here wishing I was older....but you being able to share memories of 1960....12 years before I was even born.....I just think you're lucky in many ways.....Not to romanticize earlier eras, but just seems like life was simpler then...I'm only going by what I've read and what my parents have told me, but it seems like 1960 was a very neat was before the turbulence of later in the decade, but it was a tranquil time, right?  I'm envious in some ways...okay, maybe my food coma is not totally gone, I don't know how coherent my thought was...but thanks for sharing the memory...Kevin

Thanksgiving Dinner

This year my wife and I went out to eat since our son and Family went to be with her folks.  We went to Golden Corral in Ft Wayne and pigged out. They had turkey dressing ham shrimp . The only thing I missed was noodles.

re:Thanksgiving Dinner

Ronstan - Interesting.  Golden Corral is definitely a place to pig out:) !  Was it crowded? What time of day did you go? - Kevin

eating out

I think we once went to a fancy restaurant for Thanksgiving, but I don't remember it much. I preferred my grandma's huge old house full of cousins I rarely saw and aunts and uncles who entertained us. My grandpa was a singer and so was is my uncle, but at these times they sang some weird songs that were, I think, a bit risque. But they went right over my little head and I just loved hearing it. Come to think of it they were probably a little tipsy, but I didn't know any better. I had a great time. I think being with family anywhere is wonderful, but a restaurant is kind of hard for a family to be themselves in. Next year we are talking about having it in my brother in law's new barn and I think that is a fabulous idea. On not cooking... I think everyone should not feel bad if they are burned out or tired and want to have some take out. My parents and in laws have had Kentucky Fried Chicken with plenty of sides as the meal several times and that was alright. It is the being together over a bit of something to eat that matters.
Ours was nice today, but my in laws couldn't come. My mother in law was too ill. I really missed having them here. But it all turned out fine. One funny thing: My husband and I made a huge kettle of chicken broth and stock and dumplings. Since we don't use wheat flour anymore we had not checked to see what we had left and we had only enough white flour for half the dumplings. He found some whole wheat pastry flour and said he would use that despite my frown. If I was able to eat them, I would not mind the whole wheat at all, but I knew others might. The whole thing was light brown!! Looked like clay or mud and some balked and most went to my gluten free crusted pot pie which turned out beautifully. Oh well, it was still a great day.

re: eating out

Joanie - the gluten free crusted pot pie sounds awesome!:)  You'll have to share the recipe sometime. Glad you had a good thanksgiving even with the absent in-laws! - Kevin

A weird Thanksgiving

My strangest Thanksgiving was at Waffle House -- a grilled cheese sandwich, salad, and iced tea. I was the only customer, what a surprise.  I was scheduled to work and didn’t have time to go to my dad’s house or have a full restaurant meal.  I remember being thankful it was a meal not the vending machine.  Of course if someone had offered a piece of pumpkin pie, I would have accepted!

All the restaurants at Disney are full on Thanksgiving so either massive numbers of folk eat out only once (like Terri W shared) or it works ok for some and they go back year after year. The restaurants there have a Thanksgiving meal available but no dirty dishes to do -- for the diners, anyway!  --Kay

Thanksgiving Out

In 2004 my sister & her family and I went to Cabo San Lucas during the Thanksgiving break. I don't ever want to be gone on Thanksgiving again.
Our surroundings (80 degress and beautiful beaches) were wonderful, but there was no big dining table, everyone talking sometimes at the same time, catching up with the nieces and nephew, dirty dishes, running for the empty couch/floor with big pillows. dessert after a nap.

It's just not the same as being home!

re: Thanksgiving Out..

Yea, Cabo for Thanksgiving doesn't quite do it for me.....hey on the topic of an earlier post, about grocery you ever go to a grocery in the South Sound area called TOP market?  I went into one of those last year and it seemed really nice...