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Oh, What Fun - Bonus Post

It's really interesting to see how the intense emotion on either side that paying for the yodel has caused. Few topics do this to people, but money is definitely one. Most people seem fine with the idea of paying, and I appreciate that.  I mean, almost everything on this site is free now, including The Amish Cook column itself...Still, someone named Harvey posted this comment a few minutes ago:

greed - greed - greed Congratulations on finding a way to profit from the efforts of others. But NOT from me.

I just don't see where I am being greedy. Lovina is getting paid for this. She and her husband were quite supportive of putting this out there. Being editor of The Amish Cook IS what I do for a living. Okay, Harvey, I'll just make everything free and eventually lose my house, car and Lovina can have her buggy repossessed.  What do others think? Did I do something inherently wrong?  Is $1.49 REALLY being greedy.....


to pay or not to pay that is the question

I have been quietly monitering all the comments about the "yodel" controversy, and not being sure which side of the fence I stood on I have stayed quiet.  While I am still on the fence, in the excitement of sharing something new and innovative with us, the fact that there would be a very small fee was left out, so when the yodel became available with a fee I know I was just surprised. But not surprised because this is what Kevin does for a living and being self employed often lends itself to creative ways to help the income out a bit.

I still haven't listened to the yodel, I am sure it is beautiful though. The publisher we buy our childrens school books from has a group singing hyms for the "hold" music, in shape note style, and it is has this beautiful haunting sound that just resonates to your heart. So basically I am still on the fence. 

On to a new subject, I just purchased a large recipe box that is plain white, I have a goal to decorate it with scrapbook papers, here is the big part, then organize my favorite recipes from the many notebooks I have into the one box.  I hope it is not too big of a project! Because it is all about the recipes!   

re: Kimberly's comment

Kimberly - I think you zeroed in on the one issue that rankled some people:  the fact that I didn't mention in the paper that there was a fee for the yodel.  I do want to clarify that it was not an attempt to be "sneaky"....I was simply worried that if I mentioned a fee that some newspaper editors might axe the yodel promo...some editors get very self-righteous, purist, etc about mixing money into any news-type topics....but since the yodel promo has another week or so I will mention the fee in the next column........and we also have a HUGE new wave of people who will come to this website beginning Monday...these papers will be running the yodel promo for the first time (some papers run a week later than is posted here)....I am going to do a more thorough job in an upcoming post to explain WHY there is a fee....Thanks for your thoughts - Kevin

Me too!

Kimberly, I feel for you!  I started doing that when I first got married because I got a nice recipe box with matching recipe cards for a shower gift.  Now, time has gotten away from me and I have a ton of recipes cut out of the paper, printed off the net, and written on post-it notes that I really need to get on cards and get organized!

re: Greed/Joanie's post

Hi again,
It may seem I think too much about things like this, but subjects like this that stir people up often involve pre-conceved notions they are not aware of. For example, I was troubled about it when I first saw it, but I knew I did not think greed was involved, so I had to analyze it for myself before I could say anything. The singing being personal is just part of of bigger notion for me. It is hard to put it into words exactly, but the Amish want very limited interaction with the world and somehow this just struck me as odd for them to share such a personal piece of it in such a worldly way. An initial reaction is not something I normally allow myself to act on, and so I tried to figure out what was really bothering me about it. That doesn't mean I am opposed to it, but yet I am not quite comfortable with it yet - I wanted to understand why exactly. It all has to do with the stance they take against worldliness, yet it is impossible to live in this world without sometimes using it - at the risk of appearing inconsistent. One author touched on this when he discussed the fact the various plain people disappointed him sometimes by doing things that seemed inconsistent (in this case- no tv, no concerts, no radios or cd players or involvement with that industry per se, no electricity or internet,limiting of artistic expression to guard against pride, etc...). I am now used to the Amish store selling stuff they would never use themselves - even believe it is wrong. Like hair dye and stuff like that. So, you can see how I can come to the conclusion it is just one of those things that is kind of unusual and might be wrong to some and not to others ( Amish included). I can both understand some objections, but not others ( greed - ridiculous) and I can understand your decision to do this for both Lovina and the people here. Well, look at it this way - maybe everyone needed a bit of stirring up!! You can live with not being able to please everybody all the time as long as you know that the bulk of your friends here see your good intentions ( they do).


I think this is something that requires a bit of mulling, but unfortunately many will go with first impressions. It could be Harvey did that. If he had thought it out more, and has been familiar with this site, he would know that greed is not involved. Perhaps he is just frustrated with the greedy times we live in and the feeling of financial crisis in the air. He is mistaken about the greed, we all know that. I do have to say that for some ( maybe not Harvey, but maybe - who knows?)it is just kind of unexpected, you know? On the face of it, it sort of did not seem like somthing Amish would do. Food, wares, carpentry skills, etc... is what we expect them to sell, but singing is more personal.


re: Greed/Joanie's post

Hi, Joanie - I appreciate your thoughts....You know, I never thought of it like singing being more personal and therefore not subject to a price...not like buying cinnamon rolls and a bookshelf...I was, and still do, though,view it as A) like paying for a ticket to a concert..that's singing...Sheesh, and people pay out the nose for those...or on a smaller scale like a 99-cent Itunes download and B) as a creative way to pay Lovina more for her column efforts.......But I do appreciate you sort of broadening my perspective...thanks, as always, for stopping by! - Kevin

Paying for the Yodel

I have enjoyed reading the Amish Cook for quite a while now and feel that paying to hear the family yodel is a way to show my appreciation for the column.

re: Trying to Make a Living Isn't Greedy

Randi - thank you so much for your kind, generous comments....they really do mean a lot! - Kevin

Trying to make a living isn't greedy

I think I made my positin clear in the other post.  A lot of people expect everything to be free and readily accessible, just because it happens to be on the Internet.  Obviously, that isn't the case.  People pay good money to download songs and don't give that a second thought.  I am not sure why this is any different.  Sure, I love free stuff just as much as the next person... especially the YouTube videos of the Amish Cook.  But if us, as the loyal readers, need to kick in a little bit from time to time to keep the Amish Cook column in business, so be it.  It isn't like it is mandatory!  If you would prefer not to pay to listen, your choice not to listen.  Personally, I kicked in and listened today for the experience and also because I can't imagine a week without reading the Amish Cook.

 Kevin, don't take too much of these rude comments to heart.  You have done a superb job on the column and this site, all the books, etc.  This isn't your hobby, this is your business also!  Fortunately, thus far, we haven't really had a lot of negativism on this board (or you have shielded us from it if there was any).  The bad thing about the Internet is that it makes people feel so anonymous that they don't care to post nasty/rude comments.  Be a sponge: soak it in, then let it go Smile

 (Obviously, I could say more on the subject but I have to go take my daughter to her first dance class.  Yah!)