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Now They Are Doing Computers!

Okay, sorry if I seem a bit absent/distracted lately.  I will have more to say soon about the reasons.  But right now, the same folks who brought you the Amish "miracle heater" and the "cool surge" air-conditioning unit now have a new trick up their sleeve: the CompTek Laptop for $188.  The laptop is preloaded with Windows XP, according to the ad for easy access to the internet, playing music or shopping online.   And in small print if you receive the computer and like it then for another $188, it is yours.  The print is almost as small as the computer's screen, which is 7", a fact not mentioned in the ad and obscured by the large photo of the computer.  A 7" screen really isn't that much larger than a deck of cards. SIGH, just like the Amish heater ads, this ad is a full page spread in the Cincinnati Enquirer.  These ads are NOT cheap.  So people clearly are buying their schtick.  At least there is no mention of Amish in the ad!  If anyone has ordered a CompTek, let us know what you thought of it. Here is a report from a Cincinnati TV station about these laptops.

Re: Now They Are Doing Computers!

CompTek Laptop is associated with Fridge Electric Llc., not the Amish.

The laptop's portability and ease of use is a selling point with our customers.

Details of our offer were prominently mentioned in the advertisement's subhead and order box within two inches of the phone number as well as at the top of the copy and in the Terms and Conditions.

Our shipping and handling rates and comparative to other retailers.

All of our marketing material is reviewed to ensure the terms of the offer are clear and each claim is accuate. Representatives who answer the phones are trained and monitored to ensure that customers are satisfied.

CompTek Laptop

Re: Now They Are Doing Computers!

Ha!  Saw their ad in the St. Louis Post Dispatch this morning (Aug. 19, 09):  $149.00 is what they first tell you is the charge which you don't have to pay for two weeks then, lower in the print, you have to pay an additional 99.00 for accessories!

What a scamola!   

Basically these type of laptops are available at any major brands outlet from $250.00 to $350.00 bucks and most of the preloaded ones are demo programs which are only free for 30 days. 

Re: Now They Are Doing Computers!

Computers similar to this one are becoming very popular. They're called "netbooks" and their fans actually like the fact that they're small because it makes them extra portable.

However, the CompTek version offered by the Universal Media Syndicate and its parent company Arthur Middleton Capital Holdings is not just deceptively priced -- it's over-priced. Two payments equaling $376 puts the price of the CompTek about 25% higher than a similar (but slightly better) Dell netbook. Plus, Dell's shipping is no more than $16 for next day delivery, while I'd be willing to bet the shipping and "handling" for the CompTek is two or three times that much.

Re: Now They Are Doing Computers!

If you need a good laugh, read the comments after the article. I think I'll order mine in Amish Oak, LOL!

Re: Now They Are Doing Computers!

Oh My!  Don't these people EVER give up???  I guess they can't sell too many "Amish" heaters or those air conditioners since people have "outted" them, so they needed another scam.  The sad thing is, is that some people buy these things and don't know.

Re: Now They Are Doing Computers!

Uhm, you forgot the link but I happen to have watched that news report tonight.  Wonder how much they are going to get you for shipping and handling???

Re: Now They Are Doing Computers!

Thanks, Bonnie! Maybe I should have said if I seem "absent-minded" these days!