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My Yogurt Monster...Ideas Anyone?

CAPTION: Notice on the left side the yogurt bubbling out.  Note the top bowing out. The bottom, which you really can't see in the photo is also bowing out....

Um....Rachel and I bought some soy yogurt a week or so ago.  Its expiration date is/was March 28, so it's not like the yogurt has been sitting in there well past its expiration date.  In fact, I guess, as I write this it is March 25, so the yogurt - in theory - should be fine to eat.  Uh...I think, though, I'll take a pass. We noticed this evening that one of the yogurts is not well.  The contents of the package are bubbling up through the package and the top and bottom are bowing out.  I'm not a food scientist, but I don't think I will be eating this yogurt.  Does anyone have any ideas of what might be going on here?  Some sort of fermentation process?  I've posted a photo above.

Re: My Yogurt Monster...Ideas Anyone?

Hope you took that nasty stuff back.  i am curious about why you chose soy based yogurt,  thre is so much that contains soy that it is causing serious endocrine and hormone imbalances and challenges.  just as these things are issues in weight issues, they also contribute to any system connected to endo and/or hormonal.  what is not conn ected.  i am not saying not to eat anything soy but the fact that nearly every lable will give your soy amounts.


Re: My Yogurt Monster...Ideas Anyone?

In this case eating the stuff might not only give you some nasty diarrhoea, but even be dangerous.

As this is made from soya (always remember - it is not really a milk product and therefore behaves quite different during storage and - as the case may be - deterioration), it could easily have had (up to the point where oxygen became present due to bursting of the package) a thriving population of Clostridium botulinum and relatives going (part of the 'fermentation' farmhousebarb has - IMHO quite correctly - assumed). And these nasty little things produce the strongest toxins known. If you take up enough (one rotten tin of kidney beans or canned meat etc. can contain a sufficient dose), it will kill you (in a very unpleasant way).
With the soya 'yogurt' things would probably not go that far, and it may be mostly just a mixture of some putrefactive microbia, but food poisoning is no fun, even if you 'only' get very, very sick!

Preserves, especially from foods like legumes, fish or meat with lid and/or bottom bulging out should be discarded immediately - C. sp. produce gases, so this is a rather certain giveaway who is at work.
Sorry, some people might feel like in school, but it is just too important, so every one should know it.

Whatever the reason, it is clearly either a contamination during production/packaging or the stuff has not been stored properly i.e. cooled. So I must agree with the others: Return it!

Re: My Yogurt Monster...Ideas Anyone?

How nasty! I'd bet since soy is a grain rather than a dairy product,that it is indeed fermenting. Much in the same way that grain mixed with sugar turns into beer or similar products. Grain will ferment differently than milk will. In the case of yogurt,it is cultured rather than allowed to "work" on it's own. I'm not sure how they do soy,it is most likely cultured synthetically as opposed to naturally like dairy. And yes, I would return the bad product!!!

Re: My Yogurt Monster...Ideas Anyone?

Okay, Barb....that is helpful...It's clearly nasty stuff, but, from science perspective, it's also kind of interesting.  I, of course, won't eat it...but clearly there is some sort of "process" occurring and I bet yogurt's "cultured" properties  has something to do with it.  Curious if anyone else has had something like this occur?

Re: My Yogurt Monster...Ideas Anyone?

NO, i don't think that this is from fermentation, i really think that the yogurt is just plain BAD and just don't eat that unless you enjoy spending time on the 'throne' if you get my point!!

Re: My Yogurt Monster...Ideas Anyone?

usually when the yogurt is sent to the stores, the shelf life is posted on the lid...since the expiration date is the 28th. of this month and you bought it TODAY, well, i think something was 'fishy' on the date in the first place. either way, as i said earlier, i WOULD NOT eat this item..take all of the yogurt that has the same date on it BACK to that store and get your hard earned money back