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Minor Annoyances

I hope everyone is having a good day today.  This evening I'm preparing to for a trip the week after next.  I'll be on KARE-TV in Minneapolis, Minnesota on December 15 on "Showcase Minnesota", a daily, local talk show.  So I'm practicing whipping up some good recipes for that show.  On Dec 14, I'll be on WTMJ in Milwaukee, on their show called "The Morning Blend."  On each program, I'll be talking about the baking book.  SIGH, speaking of which, I read someone's blog this evening.  The blogger reviewed our new book.  I must say, it's not everyday someone calls my narrative style "dull" and that "Williams' prose reads like 6th grade history textbook, despite some fascinating back story." Click here to read her full review.  Now, lest anyone think I am thin-skinnedSmile...I'm not..her review wasn't all bad and, sincerely, I just don't really care much what anyone says about our books. We try to do the best we can, put out the best product possible, and then let people judge for themselves.  Some people will like it, some won't, that's just life.

What DID get under my skin a little bit more was a random person's posting at the end of Lovina's column as it appeared on the Tacoma News-Tribune's website. Check it out here.

If the poster has the higher education that he/she craves then he/she would know that the world is full of thousands of rich, different cultures who do things in different ways.  And, besides, I'd put Elizabeth Eicher up against about any 15-year-old in terms of intelligence, common-sense, etc.  She seems perfectly happy and capable to me.



Re: Minor Annoyances

How many of you would agree?
The internet, with all of it's weath of good information, also has  a downside.

The ability for all kinds of people, without accountability, to post their thoughts on any article/story.

I live in a fairly small midwest town and our local daily paper has AWFUL comments on most any article.

I stopped reading - I don't need any more negativity in my life.

Re: Minor Annoyances

The first reviewer, she sort of says in her profile, that she's bored.  And if you look closely at the photo on pg. 85, there is the reflection of a face in the cookie sheet.  Those are the most polished cookie sheets I've ever seen!!  We made the "Old-Fashioned Ginger Cookies" on Tuesday, they are amazing, weird that they are eggless, but cool also! (remember I don't miss anything Kevin Tongue out)

As far as the Tribune commentor, well, that's the ignorance and snobbery that we face everyday living in such a liberal and might I add un-educated state.  Um, it isn't illegal to stop school after the 8th grade here per se, especially since we have a fairly light requirements for homeschooling.  What you teach your child is up to you then - if you want to focus on husband/wife roles that's up to you.  It's the loud mouths like the poster that give WA a bad name; makes us want to move out of Dodge! 

Re: Minor Annoyances

Sounds like the second poster, Check_Your_Facts, checked the facts and has some understanding of the Amish too!

Re: Minor Annoyances

Re: the book review...Her comment about not having any photos of faces in the book reveals her lack of the most basic knowledge of the Amish.  I don't like her overall tone.  It's petty.

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Re: Minor Annoyances

Looks like someone gave that poster an earful (or eyeful, as the case may be).



Re: Minor Annoyances

To begin with,nice to see you again! My thoughts on the matter...the "author" doesn't have a clue what they're talking about. As far as 15 yr. old Elizabeth, she seems much more intelligent and "saavy" than many older people that I know! Why on earth do people have to dwell on the negative part of a story and constantly tear someone down? I will never understand that...Amish families tend to be so happy..are the "English" jealous? In my humble opinion mainstream America could take some simple lessons from our Amish counterparts as to what is really important.

Re: Minor Annoyances

I just saw, that was a good earful!:)

Re: Minor Annoyances

i think that elizabeth is the most well-rounded young woman that has ever crossed the 'worldly' computer of the english. so she left out a few things in a what! none of us is perfect and to penalize this young woman, who, was helping her mother out is unforgiveable to say the least. keep up the good work elizabeth, YOU ARE A WONDERFUL AND BRIGHT AND COURAGEOUS LADY.