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Cherry Coffeecake...

I am in Wisconsin this evening preparing for a segment on a local Milwaukee talk show called "The Morning Blend."  On this show, I don't have to do an actual cooking demo, so it'll be a bit more relaxed.  I'm just bringing a bunch of finished baked goods from our book to talk about.  So yesterday Rachel and I were making oatmeal pie, whoopie pies, cherry coffeecake, peanut butter swirl bars, and honey bars.  We are now in the process of cutting the cakes and bars and putting them on nice plates.  A lot of these segments come down to just making the set look "homey and inviting."  Rachel might have a second job as a set decor person!Smile  Above is the photo of the cherry coffeecake we made before cutting it into bite-sized pieces.

Re: Whoopie Pies

Where is the recipe for whoopie pies?


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In Wisconsin

Hi Kevin, I wondered what all the positive vibes were, here in Madison, WI. Now I know, you're here in WI. :-)  Anyway, do take care driving; there's lots of snow and to-day ice in the Madison area.

I wanted to get to Mishler's to see you there, but have to work. :-(

Drive carefully.



Re: Cherry Coffeecake...

I made this a couple of weeks ago and everyone LOVED it!! My hubby's dept. at work has a Christmas dinner at the end of this week. I am planning to make another for him to take.