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The Calm Before The Yodel

SIGH, a bad side effect of all the yodeling traffic on this site this week is that so many people visited that the site's server crashed on Wednesday night. We have the site back up and running, so stay tuned for fresh content this weekend. Meanwhile a few random thoughts:

1) As the Midwest prepares to plunge into the deep freeze this weekend, Amish people who have covered (roofed) buggies are going to be a lot warmer than the handful of Swiss Amish communities near Berne, Indiana and Seymour, Missouri. These Amish churches do not allow buggies to be covered so families are resigned to travel with thick, thick blankets, tons of coats, and a lot of moxie. Brrr. I was freezing walking from my car into the Target store earlier....

2) As much website traffic as we had this week, next week will be even worse (or better, depending on your view)...I email the Amish Cook column to its 100-plus papers each Monday, but only a handful run it that same week...most run it the following our friends in cities like South Bend, Battle Creek, Tacoma, Muncie, Richmond, Indiana; and many others haven't even seen the yodel promo in the paper yet. I am going to make some changes to the text of the online intro to the yodeling to try to head off any additional criticism for the $1.49 fee. Any suggestions on changes to the wording?

3) Also, some might wonder why you couldn't "download" the audio of the yodel to a file that you could keep. Lovina strongly opposed this on religious grounds. She said her church just wouldn't allow a traditional audio recording that would end up in the hands of thousands of the way we have it set up is a compromise, it allows people to "listen".. So when the yodel promo ends in a week or two, it'll be over and that's it. I won't even have a recording. To be completely candid, I don't fully understand the theological objection to a download vs. a "listen", but I try to respect her religion, not question it. This makes this yodel all the more rare, valuable, and authentic opportunity to hear something truly different!





          I loved hearing the Eicher family Yodel. Thank You . I used to live neighbors

         to a Eicher family when growing up as a child. Many thanks, now I'm going to

         have to try it.


Would love to hear the Eicher Family and their yodeling, but unfortunately am unable to pay for it.