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Bolivian Mennonites

The Amish have not had much luck establishing settlements outside of the USA and Canada.  An Amish-Mennonite presence has been established in Belize.  But otherwise the Amish are just here in the USA and Canada.  The Mennonites,however, have had success elsewhere.  Old Order Mennonites with their plain dress and low German dialect have thriving communities in Mexico and in rural Bolivia.  The generally fair-skinned, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Mennonites stand out from the Latino populace in these countries.  The settlements are fairly insular.  This is a photo of Old Order Mennonites from Bolivia. Notice the clothing is a little brighter and less plain that settlements in the USA

Re: Bolivian Mennonites

I have friends that have recently retired to Belize. She is originally from there and was quite surprised when I mentioned that the Amish have a settlement in Belize.  It is not that large of a country so she is going to see if her relatives know anything about it. small world

Re: Bolivian Mennonites

About 10 years ago, I had the fun of traveling in central Bolivia.  We flew from La Paz to Ascencion, Paraguary.  On the plane (a large modern jet) were a number of 'plain folk'.  I was surprised to learn there was a huge group of 'plain folk' (as they were called in Spanish) which farms the Chaco, a large plain in northern Paraguay.  These farms are reputedly so large, the famers use small planes to cover the necessary distances, expecially between farm settlements and travel by modern airplane to all over the world.  Many still have families in the US and come north once or twice a year.  I've always wanted to find out more about these folks, and even tried looking up the Chaco on various internet maps, but haven't had a lot of success.