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Benjamin's Birthday Cake

I never take enough photos when I am at the Eichers, but I always eat enough cake!Smile  I try to join them for a celebration each July since there are so many birthdays in the Eicher family and the column's anniversary.  This is a photo I was able to get of Benjamin's birthday cake.  It was a yummy cake, which Lovina whipped up from scratch. I love the cheery simplicity of her cakes. Very typical Amish-made birthday cake!  Benjamin Eicher turned 11 years old last week.

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Re: Benjamin's Birthday Cake

Vey nice decorated cake!

Re: Benjamin's Birthday Cake

This makes so much more sense than the insanities I have seen lately.  it isn't any wonder couples begin their marriages wiwth yrs of debt for the wedding when they have had birthdays that ribal what lots of weddings used to be..

Re: Benjamin's Birthday Cake

Reminds me of the cake we had for my daughter's 2 boys,whose birthdays are 3 weeks apart. We used lots of sprinkles and some toy trucks and helicopters for decorations. She made a scratch butter cake and was so worried it would not be good...there was none left! Children love the simple things...may we all learn and be blessed by their innocence!!