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Amish in the News VideoCast 7-23-10

Check out this week's Amish in the News Video cast.  This week's broadcast features updates on a couple of tragic Amish accidents, other news from around Amish country, question of  the week, weather, and a book review.  And I promise, the quality of the videocast will improve...I'm figuring out how to add graphics and other goodies, so thanks for tuning in! Click here to watch this week's.

Re: Amish in the News VideoCast 7-23-10

ditto hope the newly relaxed Kevin is not just due to being more comfortable in front of the camera but because "things" are running smoother at last.

enjoying the broadcasts Thank you

Re: Amish in the News VideoCast 7-23-10

You are looking more comfortable!! I enjoyed this ,as well. Please keep them coming!

Re: Amish in the News VideoCast 7-23-10

I'm really enjoying your broadcasts, Kevin -- and am so happy that my computer is finally operational once again so I can watch them!  I chuckled at your "rumspringa schtick" comment ... and agree that the world's fascination with (and twisting of) rumspringa is wearing pretty thin..  Looking forward to your next broadcast!           ~ Janice