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Amish and Christmas Decorations

I put up a poll this evening about whether you favor real Christmas trees or fake.  My family usually went with the artificial, store-in-a-box type, while my wife's family would usually just go into their woods and grab a real thing.  Meanwhile, my grandma decorates her artificial tree and when the season is over she throws a sheet over it and wheels it into a spare bedroom where it sits until the next fall. Now THAT is easy.Smile  The Amish generally don't do Christmas decorations (oh, I am sure somewhere you'll find an exception, but this is a general rule).  You'll often see Christmas cards that they've received from Amish and non-Amish alike that will be on their mantel or wall, but that is about the extent of it.  Of course, they'll celebrate the season through food: fudge, candies, and casseroles season-specific start to give the kitchen a great scent, but those tasty "decorations" don't last long. But beyond the cards and candies, you won't see a tree or fake candy cane decorations or other outwardly secular signs of the season adorning Amish homes.

I'll talk about the Amish and Christmas gift exchange in a future post!

Re: Amish and Christmas Decorations

I have often said that I would like to live as the Amish do,but that I'd have trouble adjusting to some things. A lack of Christmas decorations would rate high on that list. I LOVE to decorate and prepare for Christmas!! I have since I was little. I start playing the Christmas music in October,and lots of my favorite movies are holiday-themed. I suppose if I'd never had the opportunity for those things,I wouldn't miss them. However,I did,and am now an addict to Christmas decorations!Smile