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Regular readers of Elizabeth Coblentz's Amish Cook newspaper column may have read this past week about her 2-year-old granddaughter Verena being rushed to the hospital for dehydration treatment on August 27. On my August 31 visit, she appeared to have recovered - everything appeared to be fine. Verena was bouncing and babbling like a typical two-year-old. On my most recent visit to Elizabeth's, her house was filled with the rambunctious play of half a dozen of her pint-sized, toddler-age grandchildren. Elizabeth and her daughters were canning homemade salsa and storing food for the long winter that lay ahead. We had a wonderful visit, as always too short - especially during this busy season.


A warm welcome to the Plymouth Daily Pilot in Plymouth, Indiana. They have become the newest paper to add their Amish Cook to their weekly line-up. If you would like to see Elizabeth's weekly column, entitled "The Amish Cook", in your daily paper, please contact your local editor.


For those who may have tried to order something, a technical glitch took down The Amish Cook Shoppe over the holiday weekend. While on the shopping subject, a whole new array of items have been added to the store. Additional hand-crafted items from a woodshop tucked away in the rolling farm fields near Elizabeth are now offered in Shoppe. Also, for those of you who want holiday recipes, Oasis Newsfeatures has re-printed copies of Elizabeth's 1993 book: An Amish Christmas. It's actually a "mini-book", 40 pages featuring stories and recipes from the holidays in Indiana's Amish country.


Also new to the site this week: a new recipe of the month and a collection of zucchini delights from Elizabeth, new photos in the scrapbook section, and some more reader questions answered.

Kevin Williams
Executive Editor
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