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A big welcome this week to The Log Cabin Democrat, the daily newspaper in Conway, Arkansas. They become the first Arkansas paper to carry The Amish Cook column. Were happy to have you aboard.


Oasis Newsfeatures will soon be offering an online site for The Kitchen Scientist. The Kitchen Scientist is a new column that Oasis Newsfeatures is syndicating. While The Amish Cook column focuses heavily on Elizabeths life and culture, with recipes as more of an addition, The Kitchen Scientist will be 100 percent fully food-focused. Written by very talented Mississippi-based food diva, Tara Hayes, her newspaper column is growing in popularity. Tara delves deeply into the science underlying all cooking and recipes. Stay tuned& In the coming weeks well have much more about The Kitchen Scientist.


I visited The Amish Cook on Saturday, April 6th. It was a pretty uneventful visit, so I dont have much to write about. Elizabeth continues to eagerly await the arrival of two new grandchildren. Her daughter Emma is due in May and daughter Lovina in July. I stayed at Elizabeths for about six hours, but almost all of the time was devoted to the sometimes tedious process of going over revisions and corrections for Elizabeths cookbook due out this fall.

Elizabeths daughter Verena did take me out to the barn to help feed, Tex, their aging horse. Verena estimates Tex to be approaching 28 years old now. For pictures of Tex and other sights in the Coblentz barn, CLICK HERE.

Elizabeth is looking forward to the coming weeks of warmth when shell begin planting her garden for the summer of 2003.


Elizabeth and I also spent time answering your emails that you send in to the Ask Elizabeth portion of the website. Thanks for your intelligent and varied questions. Keep them coming! My next visit to Elizabeth will be on April 20, so email me before April 20th and Ill take your questions to her and post the answers back on this website. Your questions and Elizabeths answers from my most recent visit can be seen CLICK HERE FOR ASK ELIZABETH.

Kevin Williams
Executive Editor
Oasis Newsfeatures