Some decisions are easy to make: do I put sliced bananas in my morning cereal? What brand of toothpaste do I want to buy? What color tie should I wear with today's suit? (Okay, that last one actually gets kind of tough).

I can tell, though, that I am going to have a real tough decision ahead of me this December when I select someone and a guest to join me for a dinner with Elizabeth Coblentz (aka The Amish Cook). Many of your have written me notes explaining why you would like to join me for dinner with Elizabeth as part of the 10-year anniversary of her column celebration. So many of the notes are poignant and personal. Choosing which person to bring with me is not going to be easy.

Following are some excerpts from notes I've received:

"I enjoy her column and the very productive way of life. They are so full of love for God and family. If the rest of us followed their example, there would not be as many problems in the world. We would learn how to appreciate the little things in life." - Donna, Somerville, Ohio.

"I feel like we are family. I understand what she goes through with a large family of love between them and the love of God and trusting Him. I understand what it is to lose a husband. I've lost two. It's not easy but with God's help we survive. I would like to comfort her and let her know I care. She isn't alone." Doris, Bradenton, Florida.

"I enjoy reading (Elizabeth's) articles in the Emporia, Kansas paper. If it wasn't for them, I'd stop the paper." Leona - Burlington, Ks.

"I would like to visit with Elizabeth as she and her late husband Ben shared the same wedding date as my husband, Bob, share. We have been married 46 years, a little longer than Elizabeth," Ida - Arlington, Ohio.

This will be a tough decision. I've received notes from young school teachers wishing to visit Elizabeth, to a spry 90-year-old woman who still drives and gardens. It's so rewarding to learn about the readers who read Elizabeth's column and have made this so successful for the past 10 years. It will be great to take a reader with me on a journey into another era, where family and faith are still a way of life.

For information about joining me for dinner with Elizabeth, CLICK HERE.

Kevin Williams
Executive Editor
Oasis Newsfeatures


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