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Locke Amish Debate Continues

Earlier this week we featured a story from the Syracuse, New York paper about some ill-will towards the Amish in the small town of Locke.  Seems that some people are unhappy with the "shabby" appearance of a few of the Amish-owned properties in the area.  They aren't the "postcard" perfect manicured farms seen on Lancaster County, Pennsylvania calendars.  So, in response town officials are trying to get the area Amish to comply with local "zoning and code" laws.  One of the laws they were trying to apply to the Amish was a "liability insurance" rule until, oops, they realized the village didn't have such a law.  So now they are trying to pass one.  Just seems like there's some anti-Amish sentinment in this town masquerading as "code enforcement."

Meanwhile, this is a neat article that appeared in Montana about a writer's visit to a Hutterite colony.  The piece succinctly explains some of the differences between Amish, Mennonites, and Hutterites.

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