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Cabbage from the garden.

Since getting our little plot of land at the back of our house at the start of the year, so far we've had peas, onions and some potatoes on our plates! We have lots more potatoes planted and we also have pumpkins, corn, curly kale, tomatoes, parsnips, peppers and the cabbage growing, that although isn't fully gown I couldn't resist cutting some for dinner today. I was about to buy some when I was shopping during the week and then thought, hey we have our own cabbage growing!! Its the savoy type of cabbage which I love. Cant wait to taste it, I got a pot full from the one cabbage we cut. We're having it with bacon and roast potatoes. Yum yum pigs bum cabbage and potatoes LOL. 

Its a learning experience for us growing our own vegetables, so far we have made a few mistakes. We had a disaster with our carrots because we plated them too close together and they didn't grow very well, my red onions didn't grow well either and we have planted some things without enough space. Next year we will know better and hopefully have better growth, suppose you learn from your mistakes.

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