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interesting post; yucky weather

Sunday Stuff is Sunday, 4:30 p.m. as I write this from the southwest corner of Ohio and we have rain, rain, rain here...not a flake of snow as some of the weather forecasts had earlier promised.  Oh well, maybe soon.

Meanwhile, I hope you all are enjoying some of the "tweaks" to this site's look. I know I like some of these small cosmetic changes a lot better.

Lastly, our "Amish in the News" section has been covering a dispute taking place in the town of Locke, New York. This area of New York has seen its Amish population steadily increasing in recent years with its mix of rural character and affordable land.  And, long story short, some of the locals don't like the way some of the Amish keep their farms. Apparently they don't have the pristine postcard look of some of the Lancaster County calendars.  I'm just giving you all the "nutshell" version.  Anyway, a town meeting took place this week to discuss requring the Amish to carry liability insurance and basically follow a bunch of draconian local zoning ordinances.  The best information, though, always comes from someone "on the ground" who can report on the facts, preferably unfiltered by big city corporatized media.  The "deliberate agrarian" is a blogger in central New York. I've highlighted his blog before as one worth checking out. Anyway, he actually was at the meeting in Locke this past week.  For a full story of how the meeting went, links to local media coverage and his take on the events in Locke, click over to his blog.  I think it's definitely worth a read and is a great example of the "cultural clashes" that can occur between the Amish and English.

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