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Through it all

I am from an Amish heritage.  I live in this world and choose not to be of it.  I just started a new job.  It's in the kitchen of an assisted living home.  Just like the Bible says not despise humble beginnings (paraphrased).  This is all new beginnings for me for I felt like Job and sometimes still do.  My husband of 10 years passed away in 2009.  His family (10 brothers and sisters of his (like Jobs children) don't keep in contact with me and my job of 11 years was terminated.

I do not regret any of this.  I am so thankful because I know that the Lord walks with me through it all and I will not deny that.

I seen a lady from where I used to work.  She told me back in July that her brother had passed away.  Mentioning to her that in time it will get better, I am so glad to hear that she is doing better and that God is bringing her through.  We know that they are in a better place.  We can only accept what has happened and that's all I can do. Through it all I am truly thankful.

I just recently got married again.  My current husband told me that he is glad he found someone plain and simple.  I am who I am; just who I am meant to be and thankful for the good and bad times.

Thank you all for allowing me to blog.  Just knowing that this weekly column exists, is a wonderful thing.

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