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Breakfast Casserole

I just made a casserole, (for dinner) using what I had thinking that the end product should somewhat resemble a traditional breakfast casserole: I am the Queen of Make-Do!!

In a 9x9 casserole, place a good layer of frozen tater tots.

Largely cube 8oz. of velveta, distribute over tots. 

Whisk 6 eggs, whish in 1/4 C milk.  pour over tots and cheese.

Bake 45 minutes in 325F oven.  Add 1/2C of small cubed ham to top, I had sliced sandwich ham from Costco that I cut into squares.  Back in oven until eggs are set (total about one hour)

We had a couple errands to run, so this got put in the oven late, but they said it was worth the wait!!

Amish Eggs in Chicago; Plain Polygamist Fashion

Amish entrepreneurs stand ready to make a buck off the trend of "cage free" eggs sweeping the nation.  I think this is a good trend and with their large farms many Amish are well-positioned to supply eggs that aren't "factory farmed."  Perhaps the notion of a free-fluttering hen pecking around in the dirt is overromanticized, but I like the idea.  I don't think we need to torture animals so we can have our eggs, so it seems like this is at least a step in the right direction.  Click here to read.


CAPTION: Polygamist women walk out of court in West Texas.

The Amish have long been known for their plain dress.  The polygamists who's compounded was raided in west Texas also dress "plainly."  It's been interesting to watch and sort of compare the dress which is similar in style - at least at first glance - to the Amish.  I could start pointing out all sorts of differences in dress once you get past first glance, but I'll save my observations.  The reaons, the ideology, behind why they've adopted this dress shares some sameness, but not much.  Amish women dress plainly as part of the whole lifestyle of modesty, plainness, and simplicity....While the Amish are definitely a patriarchal society, the polygamist group seems to be patriarchy run amok.  Click here to read more about their plain dress.

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