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Fall, fundraisers, and community

I was just thinking about all of the events that are lined up for us throughout the year.  Our church and Catholic school is very much intertwined as one, so any type of fundraiser becomes a huge group effort, even to those who no longer have children in the school.

Besides bringing basket items and baked good/appetizers for our Bazaar and Show Boat events, I love to help out in the kitchen.  I am officially a life-time member of the "apple salad team".  This consists of one man who uses a gadget to core/slice the apples, while a bunch of us ladies peel and chop them.  Then goes in the celery, nuts, and mayo-dressing, and large bowls of this are placed on the tables during our Bazaar lunch.  My fingers are so sore after doing this!

And usually before Thanksgiving, there is a large pie event.  Last year, we got together at the school cafeteria and made many, many fruit pies from scratch.  These are frozen and sold as a fundraiser for about $10 each.  Since this is before the Thanksgiving rush, we literally sell OUT.  I am really looking forward to helping with this again this year, probably within a month or so.  It is just a really great, fun time to get together and accomplish something.  And though I tend to be the youngest one, it has helped me to meet people and feel like part of the community.  It has also taught me that there is no shame in wearing an apron... even if mine does say "BAM!" across the front of it ;-) 

This weather we have been having in the Midwest has Fall on my mind, so I guess that is why I am thinking of this stuff.  It is my favorite time of the year.  With the cooler temperatures, there is just a Fall feel to the air.  I am ready to go to the pumpkin patch, freeze apple pie filling, and enjoy bonfires and chili on the cool nights.  Do any of you all have events or traditions that you are looking forward to in the fast-approaching Fall season?

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